Unit 2 of 4 | The Gingerbread Man | Traditional Stories | Foundation Stage – Reception

In this unit, the story of  The Gingerbread Man is used to stimulate learning in a wide variety of curriculum areas. Covers Communication and Language (C&L), Mathematics (M), Physical Development (PD), Literacy (L), Expressive Arts and Design (EAD) and Understanding the World (UTW).
Fully planned, cohesive learning with fantastic Top Banana activities and resources. 

Pupil Outcomes

  • I can follow a story without pictures or props. (C&L)
  • I can listen and respond to ideas expressed by others in conversation or discussion. (C&L)
  • I can listen to stories, accurately anticipating key events and responding with relevant comments, questions or actions. (C&L)
  • I can experiment with different ways of moving. (PD)
  • I can show good control and co-ordination in large and small movements. (PD)
  • I can practice some appropriate safety measures without direct supervision. (PD)
  • I can count objects to 10 and begin to count beyond 10. (M)
  • I can place numbers in order and say which is one more or one less than a given number. (M)
  • I can select the correct numeral to represent 1 to 5, then 1 to 10 objects. (M)
  • I can use familiar objects and common shapes to create and recreate patterns and build models.  (M)
  • I can talk with others about what they have read in order to demonstrate understanding . (L)
  • I can attempt to write short sentences in meaningful contexts. (L)
  • I can write some irregular common words. (L)
  • I can make observations of animals and plants. (UTW)
  • I can use ICT hardware to interact with age-appropriate computer software. (T)
  • I can experiment to create different textures. (EAD)
  • I can safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function.  (EAD)
  • I can play cooperatively, as part of a group to develop and act out a narrative. (EAD)

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