6 Lessons | PSHE | Changing and Growing | KS1 

This bunch of six lessons helps pupils to learn about gender differences and how our bodies change as we get older. Fully planned, cohesive lessons with great Top Banana resources.

Pupil Outcomes

  • I can identify and respect similarities and differences between boys and girls.
  • I have learnt about the process of growing, from young to old.
  • I have learnt the names of different parts of the body.
  • I can recognise similarities and differences based on gender.
  • I have learnt about the physical changes that will occur in my body as I grow.
  • I understand the emotional changes that may take place as I grow up.
  • I understand I have rights over my own body.
  • I have learnt about how our needs change as we develop.
  • I can recognise the simple physical changes bodies make from birth.
  • I have learnt the importance of taking responsibility for my actions.
  • I have learnt what it means to be responsible for another living thing.
  • I understand how my behaviour can affects other people.
  • I have learnt about a range of different feelings and emotions.
  • I understand that it is acceptable to feel a range of emotions.
  • I can recognise, name and manage their feelings in a positive way.
  • I can recognise how my behaviour affects other people.
  • I can listen to, reflect on and respect other people’s views and feelings.

What’s Included


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