Lessons 1-6 | PSHE | Rules and Responsibilities | KS1 

This is a bunch of six lessons that teaches pupils about rules, expectations, borrowing, sharing and being responsible. Fully planned, cohesive lessons with funky Top Banana resources.

Pupil Outcomes

  • I know about the difference between rules and expectations.
  • I can recognise why rules and expectations are important.
  • I understand the reason why we have rules.
  • I can agree and follow rules in a group and within class.
  • I understand how I can contribute positively to the life of the class.
  • I can listen to and show consideration for other people’s views.
  • I can suggest rules that would improve things for the common good.
  • I understand why it is important to be able to take turns.
  • I can agree and follow rules for a collaborative game.
  • I can identify the importance of rules when playing games.
  • I understand the importance of sharing.
  • I know that everyone has a responsibility to consider the needs of others.
  • I can express my views and take part in decision-making activities.
  • I can take turns and share as appropriate.
  • I understand the concept of ‘borrowing’.
  • I can demonstrate considerate behaviour towards others.
  • I can show consideration for other people’s views and feelings.
  • I understand that people and other living things have needs and that we have responsibilities to meet them.
  • I have learnt about my responsibility to others.
  • I have considered ways of looking after the school or community and how to care for the local environment.

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