6 Lessons | PSHE | Healthy Lifestyles | KS1 

This bunch of six lessons helps pupils to learn about healthy eating and physical exercise, recognising how these things contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Fully planned, cohesive lessons with super Top Banana resources.

Pupil Outcomes

  • I understand how and where vegetables and fruit are grown.
  • I understand the social aspect of eating food together.
  • I know that making good choices about food will improve my health and well-being.
  • I can recognise which types of food are healthy
  • I understand the need for protein as part of a balanced diet
  • I can use my existing knowledge of healthy eating to plan a menu for a themed party.
  • I can recognise the benefits of regular exercise and how different physical activities promote health.
  • I have learnt to work as a team to solve a simple challenge.
  • I understand how muscles work.
  • I understand the importance of rest and relaxation.

What’s Included


Product Code: KS1PSHEA07

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